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Coming 2016

Over the past two years we've been scouring through old warehouses and abandoned buildings, in neighborhoods from Scott's Addition to Church Hill looking for a new space for Mobelux. We're happy to announce that over the next year we will be restoring and making our new home in one of Richmonds' most venerable buildings, Saunders Station.

It wasn't love at first sight. When we walked into the old Post Office for the first time, we weren't sure if we were prepared to take on such an extensive renovation. Neglect had left it a shadow of its former glory. The plaster was rotting away from the walls, paint was peeling from the brick, and the extremities of the structure had been abandoned for decades. But the second time through, we looked past those things, because even though it was in disrepair, it had more character than all of the other places we looked at combined. Underneath it all was a building that needed to be restored with respect, just as much of the city around it had been.

Character aside, we chose Saunders Station because it's important to Mobelux that our new home be part of the fabric of Richmond. Apart from being a beautiful, historically important building on Broad Street, it's anchored between Scott's Addition and the VCU Institute for Contemporary Art, situated in a sector of the city bordering The Fan that's been largely overlooked but is poised to become an epicenter of technology, work, and culture. That's a story that we want to help write.

Over the next year we will be sharing more about how (and why) we are revitalizing this New Deal-era project into a modern, technology-driven workplace. To keep up with our progress, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.